Divers and snorkelers both enjoy this beautiful wall because it starts near the surface then plunders straight into the deep. The shallow reef extends all the way to the Ngemelis island. You’ll be so astonished with the different colors of soft corals and corals as you snorkel at this area.

Blue hole is one of the most astounding dive spot in Palau. It is located at Ngemelis rock island. Divers dive from knee-deep into a hole and straight down to exit at 80 degree (24m) into a huge sun lit cathedral chamber, which opens out into the open ocean to the drop off. In a good current, you can drift along the vertical wall over to another spectacular dive spot called Blue Corner.

Blue Corner is one of the most requested dive spot in Palau. It is located at Ngemelis rock island and not too far from another dive spot called Blue Hole. If the current is good, you can drift along the vertical wall to Blue hole or do the whole thing in reverse. It is known for its sheers abundance of underwater life like turtles, manta ray, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, white tip sharks, schooling of barracuda and many more. Blue corner has been rated and it ranked at No.5 of 6 things to do in Palau by Lonely Planet Travellers. It’s a dive spot that can be different every time you dive it and you’ll want to go back again and again.

Ulong Channel is situated on the west coast of Palau and is regarded as one of the best dive spot in the world. The best time to make a dive is on the incoming tide. The entrance is covered with the coral gardens and at the sandy bottom there are sharks congregate to feed on the fishes that swept inside. This is a breathtaking experience with close encounter on two things, with feeding sharks, their prey and wonderful coral garden formation.

German channel is one of the unique and highly recommended spot to all divers. The channel was made by the German’s during their period in Palau around 1900’s to enable their ship access from the open water to the lagoons. This is why and how the name came forth. The main attraction at this dive spot is not on numerous kinds of reef fish, the interesting shells, or leopard sharks and others but mainly on the parade of manta rays that use the channel to go from the open ocean to the inner lagoon. You’ll be so enthralled that the experience will not be forgotten.

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