Carp Island is one of the most nearest 500 limestone island dotting the 325miles long Palau archipelago. From above or over the island you can see its shaped like a star. The island is a 45minutes boat ride through the southern lagoon. Carp island has its own dive boat leaving Koror everyday at 8am in the morning and returns at 3pm in the afternoon. Since there is only one trip per day, guest are advised to get the hotel in Koror prior to arrival and departure in order to catch daily schedules. With a guide or just an aid from the island map, you can see a huge banyan trees, taro patch, bat caves, and as you keep your adventure into the jungle you can be led to the authentic Yapese stone money laid in the island. At night, you can see the starts across the wide clear sky and if you visit on the full moon you can enjoy walking on the beach seeing the moonlights reflected on the ocean. It has its own resorts which you can rest in it after returning from diving or a long day rock island tour.

Long beach lies between the two rock-island South of Koror. Its about 10 minutes away from Carp Island. Long beach offers a fascinating natural beauty of the white sandy beach and the abundance of magnificent various kinds of seashell, mushroom corals, and hermit crabs. It is the most exclusive site for honeymooners to visit, enjoy and relax on the captivating sea view as they walk in hands on the beach. Long beach will only immerge when the tide is low.

Kayangel lies at the northernmost of Palau. Its 24km (57miles) north of Koror and about one or two hours boat drive from Koror. Its habitat range about a population of 138 and the state consist of three atolls in different states development. It is the most splendid place to dive at. At low tide, you can enjoy its own long beach and the uniqueness of the seashells and mushroom corals washed over the beach shore. You can also visit the bird nest island where eggs are all over the beach. Spectacular Sunrise can be seen on the East of the island as it rises from the horizon. Going to and from Kayangel, you can enjoy the farewell or welcoming escorting of the dolphins as they swim alongside the boat.

Angaur is located South of Peliliu @ 6 degrees 55minutes North latitude 134 degrees 8 minutes East longitude. It is about 2miles long and half mile wide. It will take an hour and half boat drive from Koror. A very small indigenous population lived by farming, fishing, and phosphate mining. It’s the only island in Palau where macaque monkey are seen and still holds world-war II relics over the area. From the west of an island you can be enthralled by the breathtaking sunset as it sets down the horizon.

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