Palau has three waterfalls and one of the most recommendable to visit is Ngardmau Waterfall on the westcoast of Palau. Getting there you’ll have to hike into the forest down the stream than you’ll come to the fall. The hiking will be so enjoyable and exciting that you need to compliment it with the showering of the lovely fall or swim in the streams below. It’s indescribable joy unless you go thru the experience yourself.

On October 01st 2006 Melekeok State was announced as New Capitol of Palau with a very magnificent building which consist three government branches of executive, legislature and judiciary. This building since, has attracted many tourist to go and take their pictures with the building as background or the breathtaking ocean view of the area. Some would call it little white house in the pacific.

Through Palau and Taiwan friendship ties and relationship, Taiwan government has established a farm named as Palau Techinical Farm at Aimeliik State of Palau. This company is generating aid from Taiwan such as volunteered medical doctors and specialist to help Palau Hospital with medical assistance. The most major provision of this company is the aid to help educating locals and others of planting, nurturing and farming. Visiting this place you will be as amazed as they will brief you of the area, their mission. One of the most exciting is when you try the most delicious fruits from this area such as dragon fruit, mango, guava and many more.

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