Jelly fish is one of the unique and popular snorkeling spot in Palau. It begins at the Mecharchar Island dock, then a semi-difficult hike to the a floating dock entry at the lake edge where snorkelers ease into the brackish warm water and swim to the middle of the lake. At the middle, you will then be enjoying swimming with countless number of Golden Mastigias Jellies. This phenomenon jellies are sting free and when the sun goes up then the jellies will swim to the surface of the lake to following the sunlight. Please do not handle or kick the fragile jellyfish.

Divers and snorkelers both enjoy this beautiful wall because it starts near the surface then plunders straight into the deep. The shallow reef extends all the way to the Ngemelis island. You’ll be so astonished with the different colors of soft corals and corals as you snorkel at this area.

The Milky Way lagoon in Palau is one of the most attractive tourist spot in the region of the rock island. It is said that Milky Way’s mud is very effective for esthetic (Spa) purpose. Its effect has not yet been scientific proven, but people in and going to Palau has applied mud to their skin and claim that you will lose five years of your age. Well, it doesn’t matter if the outcome result is true or not because the experience alone is worth going for.

The Clam City is one of the coolest spot in Palau. Its like a garden lying under the sea. Tourist are enjoying snorkeling at this area as they are marveled with the different colors, kind, and types of the clams. After snorkeling then by your tour guide assistance you can enjoy the local cuisine of clam sashimi.

Soft coral spot is shallow snorkeling area. Tour operators have discovered a perfect place to bring boatloads of fascinating snorkelers, who swim through natural arch where the waters are filled with colorful delicate soft corals, crabs and little damselfish. It is often the last spot to stop over before returning to Koror from a long day tour trip. The excitement of snorkeling at soft coral will only recharge your enthusiasm of the next day tour.

Cemetery is one of the recommendable snorkeling area in Palau. It is on the corner of one of the rock islands, which extended out slightly. There are so many different fish, from big Napoleon wrasse to pretty Moorish idols and tiny silverside which hide in coral branches. It’s not a very big area but its rich in fish and corals species. The most impressive part of this site is the freedom of getting to feed fish and swim with the Napoleon wrasse in the open water.

All in all in your snorkeling tour is when you look at the numerous kinds and colors of corals. The most attracting is when you find a blue coral in the reef. Its color is so magnificent and wonderful along with the damsel fishes in different colors swimming through the coral. It is so spectacular and beyond description experience.

Shark city is one of the most remarkable and exciting snorkeling spot to visit. It’s at the corner of one of the rock island namely Ngermeaus in Palau. This rock island is usually tourist spot for lunch and relaxation for an hour before continuing their tour. After a great lunch, you can proceed to snorkeling at the area to see fishes and sharks. You’ll be amazed as you witness a school of yellow back fusilier fish, other species of fishes and school of shark just below the schools of fish. The sharks are harmless as their used to the close encounter with people.

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